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Michelle Clough is a scholar with a degree in Business and Design and a doctorate in Art History and.  Her specialty is handmade hats, which she has designed for royals, rock stars, heads of state, movie stars, and most recently, the Pope.

She has proven hats are integral to fashion and continues to share a place in the forefront of couture.  She has hosted fashion shows at mansions, castles, luxury hotel penthouses, and Trump Tower in New York City.

Michelle started as a model working in the garment center, designing jewelry and modeling.  Her experience is vast and continues to grow as she expands her knowledge and adds to the world of unique fashion designs.  

Michelle is the first hat designer to place models on her runway that are of all ages and ethnicities, sizes and shapes, and always rises to meet the challenge of diversity.  She was the first person to include models using a wheelchair and a diabetic pack.  She uses the science of kinesiology to design her jewelry - each stone is hand-selected and matched using a very specific technique she created.  She also hand paints her one-of-a-kind hats.
Table design for
The Newyork Horticulture Society.
Michelle Clough designed a lady the table cloth was the bottom of the dress as guests dined on at this table.

Michelle Clough Designs custom lady dress table tops.

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